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About Us

SaBab Consultancy: Transforming Jammu & Kashmir through Innovation

Welcome to the visionary world of SaBab Consultancy, a dynamic force committed to ushering in a new era of transformation in the enchanting region of Jammu & Kashmir. Our mission is not merely a mission; it is a movement encompassing multiple dimensions that resonate with innovation, opportunity creation, and lasting change.

Global Partnership & Recognition

At SaBab, we take immense pride in our global partnerships and international recognition. We’ve embarked on a journey of transformation through collaborative efforts with esteemed global partners. Our unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change has earned us international recognition, solidifying our position as trailblazers in the field.

Our Services: IoT & Digital Solutions

SaBab Consultancy is your one-stop destination for comprehensive IoT and digital solutions. From domain acquisition to hosting, web design, content creation, and logo design, we offer end-to-end IoT services. Our digital marketing expertise encompasses SEO, SEM, social media strategies, and branding, ensuring your digital presence is both impactful and influential.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Calculated Business Growth

We believe in nurturing entrepreneurship from its infancy to profitability. Our comprehensive support system includes mentorship, product development, and framework establishment, equipping you with the tools to ascend from humble beginnings to business success.

Global Business Engagements

SaBab Consultancy bridges the gap between global stakeholders through investment and networking events. We facilitate cross-border collaboration, product and service launches, and provide direct access to government officials and decision-makers, making your international business ventures a reality.

Contribution to Sustainable Development

We are staunch advocates of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our commitment lies in building a future that harmonizes economic growth with environmental and social responsibility, ensuring a balanced and sustainable world.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is fortified by strong government tie-ups that streamline operations. We offer investment opportunities across diverse sectors, including health, education, and tourism. Innovative initiatives like the “Health Village” promote holistic well-being, while farmland management fosters sustainable agricultural practices. Our “One Window Service” ensures business convenience, and our resort lounges redefine hospitality standards. We also provide sports leagues for recreation and community bonding, as well as adventurous tourism experiences for thrill-seekers.

Our Extensive Verticals

SaBab Consultancy spans a vast array of verticals, including Health, Education, Tourism, Agriculture, IoT, and Startup Business. Our services encompass business consulting, government policy, creative ideas, product and service launches, skill development, sports, franchises, creative idea implementation, aligning business with government, cross-cultural etiquette, emerging technologies, mergers & acquisitions, sustainability practices, building online presence, inclusive education, digital literacy, and fostering innovative cultures.

Case Studies: Inspiring Success

We don’t just talk about transformation; we showcase it through real-world case studies. These examples demonstrate the tangible impact of our consultancy services on businesses that have thrived under our guidance.

A Visionary Journey Ahead

Join us on our visionary journey to transform Jammu & Kashmir. Embrace innovation, unlock untapped potential, and be a part of a brighter, more sustainable future. Driven by the visionary leaders, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat and Syed Basharat Hussain, SaBab Consultancy invites you to be a catalyst for change in this mesmerizing region.

Expand Business with SaBab Consultancy

Taking your business beyond your home country has never been easier. SaBab Consultancy specializes in facilitating seamless and stress-free business setup and continuity in your chosen domain. We offer a wide range of services to help you realize your business dreams:
  • Resume building and employability preparation
  • Nationwide presence across PAN India
  • Expertise in trade & commerce, art & culture
  • Enhancement of educational institution branding
  • Assistance with international trade regulations
  • Guidance on emerging technologies
  • Support for businesses in mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance in scaling up businesses
  • Fostering innovation in IoT applications
  • Developing eco-friendly tourism
  • Implementing renewable energy solutions
  • Adoption of automation solutions
  • In-depth case studies highlighting sustainability practices
  • Building a strong online presence
  • Advocating inclusive education for differently-abled students
  • Promoting digital literacy in education
  • Assisting startups in fostering a culture of innovation

At SaBab Consultancy, we are not just consultants; we are architects of transformation, builders of dreams, and partners in progress. Join us on this incredible journey to transform not just businesses but entire landscapes, making the world a better place for generations to come. Embrace innovation, unlock potential, and be part of a brighter, sustainable future. Together, we can shape a world where opportunities abound, and positive change is the norm.

Health Village:

Innovation is at the heart of our “Health Village” initiative. We focus on managing farmland sustainably, offering a seamless “One Window Service,” providing resort lounges for hospitality, organizing sports leagues for recreation, and curating adventurous tourism experiences for thrill-seekers. Our comprehensive approach ensures the holistic well-being of our community.

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We are Practicing

17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

We wholeheartedly support all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through our collaborative efforts at SaBab Consultancy and beyond.

Our Team of Professionals

Our proficient team, comprising experts from diverse domains, is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and ensuring your success. Meet our professionals today.

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Global Business Developer
Syed Basharat Hussain

Syed Basharat Hussain

HR Director
Shreyasi Agarwal

Shreyasi Agarwal

Marketing Executive
Syed Suhail Mehdi

Syed Suhail Mehdi

Data Analyst- AI
Jayant Mohan

Jayant Mohan

Irtaza Bilal

Irtaza Bilal

Social Media Executive
Ifra Bilal

Ifra Bilal

Graphics & SEO

Path to Triumph

Navigating the digital landscape requires expertise. At SaBab, we’re a dynamic team, blending youthful energy with decades of seasoned experience, ensuring comprehensive solutions for your business across various verticals. Your success journey starts here with us!

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Driving Positive Change and Empowerment


Refining Our Work Skills

Our versatility spans across various verticals, ensuring seamless handling of projects, regardless of size or complexity.

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SaBab is committed to providing comprehensive answers to all your queries.

SaBab Consultancy is a comprehensive consultancy firm based in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, with a branch in Malaysia. We specialize in providing services across various verticals, including health, education, tourism, agriculture, IoT (Internet of Things), startup business, business consulting, government policy, and creative idea implementation.

SaBab Consultancy offers a wide range of services including global engagements, networking, branding, international events organization, health solutions, educational consultancy, tourism promotion, agriculture guidance, IoT implementation, startup assistance, business consulting, government policy insights, and creative idea development.

The main office of SaBab Consultancy is located in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. We also have a branch in Malaysia to facilitate international engagements.

SaBab Consultancy works across multiple sectors, including health, education, tourism, agriculture, IoT, startup businesses, business consulting, government policies, and creative idea implementation.

We provide consultation and solutions for healthcare improvement, technology integration, and innovative approaches in the health sector.

SaBab is committed to providing comprehensive answers to all your queries.

Unlocking Synergy: Forging Powerful Partnerships and Collaborations

Pooling expertise and resources, partnerships and collaborations are the cornerstones of innovation and growth. By uniting diverse strengths, we amplify our impact, open doors to new opportunities, and drive collective success. Together, we navigate challenges, share insights, and shape solutions that transcend boundaries. Partnerships and collaborations not only bolster businesses but also foster a community of mutual support and advancement. At the heart of progress, these alliances cultivate a dynamic environment where innovation thrives and new horizons unfold. It’s not just cooperation; it’s a transformational journey towards achieving more than we ever could alone.

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