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Collaborative Impact: Explore Our Resource Showcase

Welcome to our Resources Page, a dedicated space where we proudly showcase the invaluable contributions of our partners, collaborators, stakeholders, and all those who play a pivotal role in our journey of empowerment and transformation.

Here, you’ll find a wealth of resources that represent the collective strength of our network. Our partners bring diverse expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering support to the table. Collaborators share in our vision, working hand-in-hand to drive positive change in various sectors, from education to healthcare, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Stakeholders, both local and global, enrich our ecosystem with their unique perspectives and shared commitment to our mission. Together, we form a vibrant community dedicated to making a lasting impact.

As you explore this page, you’ll discover not only the names and profiles of our esteemed partners but also the stories of their contributions, the projects we’ve undertaken together, and the transformative outcomes we’ve achieved. We believe in celebrating each partner’s role in our journey, as their success is our success.

We invite you to browse our resources and get to know the incredible individuals and organizations that are driving positive change alongside us. Together, we are creating a brighter, more empowered future for communities around the world.

28 Credentials of Entrepreneur

28COE, the “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur,” stands as the avant-garde platform within the realm of entrepreneurs, unfurling its reach across the globe. Presently, it has been legally integrated into approximately 90 nations, with many more queued up for inclusion. The primary mission of this platform is to foster and bolster the dreams of millennials, startups, visionary business individuals, and professional leaders. The ultimate aim is to catalyze economic growth by cultivating a dynamic ecosystem that encourages cross-border collaboration, uniting investors, stakeholders, policymakers, researchers, and entities devoted to entrepreneurial support.

Make My Product-MMP
Make My Product-MMP

Welcome to Make My Product, the ultimate global platform that connects manufacturers and sellers from around the world. We are dedicated to bringing innovation, simplicity, and value to our esteemed clients by taking significant steps toward turning their new projects into reality. With our comprehensive range of services, we offer a one-stop solution for businesses, making Make My Product the next-generation platform for aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance and direction

Digital Kashmir
Digital Kashmir

We Build Digital Experiences We are a group of NRI entrepreneurs who have started Digital Kashmir as an initiative to empower the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and elevate their businesses to the next level. We strive to build a supportive ecosystem that fosters innovation, creativity, and growth, and we are dedicated to helping our fellow Kashmir’s realize their full potential in the digital world. Our mission is to connect the entrepreneurs of Jammu & Kashmir to the rest of the world. We believe that by creating a strong network of like-minded individuals, we can help our community thrive and achieve success in the global market. Through our platform, we provide opportunities for business development, mentorship, networking, and access to resources that can help our members reach their full potential.

Global Business Network
Global Business Network

GLOBAL BUSINESS NETWORK Envisioning a world where businesses become beacons of positive change and global prosperity, the Global Business Network (GBN) proudly connects an array of influential stakeholders—global Ambassadors, insightful bureaucrats, intellectual thought leaders, and chambers of commerce. We understand that the global market is undergoing significant transformations, and our mission is to provide innovative solutions that cater to these changes. At the core of our mission lies the ambition to foster peace, prosperity, and equal opportunities for all. To achieve this, we advocate for trade that benefits both people and the environment, while empowering businesses to take proactive action on climate issues.


AdMission was founded in 2001 with the mission to be the international education platform to bridge colleges, students, and education agents. AdMission is a leading Malaysian-based education counseling organization. With over 21 years of experience working closely with Malaysian universities, Colleges, and Institutions it is a reliable source of advice and assistance for a vast network of international students who wish to pursue higher education in Malaysia. A Platform That Helps Growth of Your Career- As the only education agency in Malaysia that offers multiple verticals for the students helps to Unleash your full potential to bring your ideas to life.

SIB Infotech
SIB Infotech

Welcome to SIB Infotech: Your Ultimate Computing Solution Provider At SIB Infotech, we understand the significance of a strong online presence in today’s digital landscape. As a leading provider of comprehensive computing solutions, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your business requirements. Our goal is to empower your online presence, nurturing your business to achieve exponential growth.

Our Resource Page - Government Links, Private and Personal ,Websites

At SaBab Consultancy, we believe in equipping you with the resources you need to thrive in your endeavors. Our resource page provides valuable links to various government websites, private organizations, and personal web content that might be beneficial to your business and personal growth. 

However, it’s important to note that while we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, SaBab Consultancy does not take responsibility for the content, accuracy, or privacy practices of these external websites. We encourage you to exercise due diligence when accessing and utilizing the information from these sources.

Your success and security are paramount, and we recommend that you verify the credibility and relevance of any resources you choose to explore. If you have any concerns or questions about the resources listed on this page, please feel free to reach out to us for guidance and clarification.

SaBab Consultancy is here to support your journey, and our resource page is designed to complement your research and knowledge gathering. We are committed to assisting you in making informed decisions and fostering your growth and success.

SaBab Consultancy's Collaborative Network: Unveiling Our Resource Ecosystem

           “In the mosaic of empowerment, every partner, collaborator, and stakeholder adds a unique piece, shaping a brighter future together. Explore our resource showcase to meet the change makers.”                                        Syed Basharat Hussain

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